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Welcome to Novuscraft! We are a fun, friendly minecraft survival server. We offer an amazing playerbase, friendly staff, and more as one of the best minecraft servers around. Come join our economy, or the endless quest to have the most mobcoins to get cool things. Any way that you like to play minecraft, we have it, from normal vanilla, to mcMMO, to economy, we have it all for you and your friends.

Our Mission:

Here at Novuscraft, we seek to provide players with the best possible Minecraft gameplay. We have an optimized server, and are always looking for ways to improve it. We believe in making sure everyone has a voice in the discussion, so we are always receptive and kind toward suggestions, take polls to see what the players want to do, and of course try our absolute hardest to make this a friendly, happy place for you and your friends to play Minecraft.

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Owner: GabbySimon

Administrators: BirdoPrey, reddragon389, and coalmaner


Saturday at 4pm EST - Fun events where players can come, hang out, and play fun games!