The following information is for use to help you navigate the survival server.

/spawn - Teleports to spawn, where you can open crates

/cr claim - Claims a crate if your inventory was full

/mc shop - Opens the mobshop

/rtp - Teleports to a random world location

/pay PLAYERNAME - Pays a player a certain amount of money

/bp - Opens your backpack

/rules - Provides a list of rules

/mc pay - Pay mobcoins

/help - Help menu in-game

/discord - Opens the discord link

/msg - Message players

/warp - List of warps to teleport to around the server

/sethome NAMEOFHOME - Sets a home. By default, you can set 2 homes, and unlock more as you rank up. Simply use /sethome again to set a new homes (will not delete your existing homes)

/delhome HOMENAME - Delete a home

/vote - Vote for the server to get awesome rewards!

How to claim land:

You can type /claim, or use a golden shovel at 2 diagonal corners to claim your land (golden shovels accessible through /kit claim). Use /trust while standing in the claim to let your friends have access, and /abandonclaim while standing in the claim to remove it. Make sure to set a home!


This pet plugin allows players to purchase a pet through the mobshop, then "train" it by having it spawned and mining blocks, killing mobs, and other things around the server. By upgrading your pet, you receive more perks to that pet, and can become very powerful. Open the pet GUI with /smallpets, and have fun! These pets are still in beta, so let us know what you think! The amount of EXP gained from doing actions is posted below:


chicken: 2

illusion_illager: 10

cow: 2

magma_cube: 5

evocation_illager: 10

slime: 1

pig: 1

skeleton: 1

husk: 5

bat: 1

blaze: 1

rabbit: -2

zombie: 1

drowned: 5

guardian: 15

ghast: 30

sheep: 1

zombie_pigman: 1

shulker: 15

villager: -20

vex: 10

wither_skeleton: 15

elder_guardian: 10

polar_bear: -10

ender_crystal: 5

phantom: 5

ender_dragon: 100

evoker: 20

cave_spider: 5

vindication_illager: 10

spider: 1

wither: 100

creeper: 10

enderman: 0


iron_ingot: 15

ancient_debris: 200

lapis_ore: 10

coal_ore: 5

nether_gold_ore: 10

gold_ingot: 20

redstone_ore: 15

emerald_ore: 50

diamond_ore: 30

nether_quartz_ore: 5


dark_oak_log: 5

oak_log: 5

crimson_hyphae: 6

acacia_log: 5

jungle_log: 5

spruce_log: 5

warped_hyphae: 6

birch_log: 5


potatoes: 5

beetroots: 5

cactus: 5

wheat: 5

carrots: 5

melon: 5

pumpkin: 5

cocoa: 5


fishing_rod: 25

pufferfish: 5

salmon: 5

cod: 5

name_tag: 50

tropical_fish: 5

enchanted_book: 50

Ask a moderator or administrator for further help!