Server Rules Overview:

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This is a summary of what is NOT allowed. Please scroll down to see descriptions.

• Griefing, theft, scamming

• Improper usage of claims

• Hacked clients and disallowed modifications

• Spambotting

• Advertising

• Duplicating items

• Bug Abuse

• Real-World Trading

• Rule Evasion - Intentionally finding and abusing loopholes in the rules (This includes talking back to staff. If staff says no, it goes.)

• Intentionally lagging the server or laggy farms

• Releasing personal information

• Death threats

• Advertising on /pshop or With Weapon Names

• TP killing, Trap killing, TP trapping

• 0 tick farms and flying machines

• Indecent builds

• Ban evasion

• Mute evasion

• Vote farming on alts/Using alts for unfair advantage (Includes AFK'ing)

• Inappropriate Names, Nicknames, or Skins

• Item name guidelines

• Harassment

• Sexual harassment

• Discrimination/Slurs/Racism

• Excessive Arguing

• Encouraging rule breaking

• Excessive disrespect/ Extreme toxicity

• Command spamming, plugin abuse

• AFK machines

• Spamming, roleplaying, and excessive begging

• Filter bypassing, indecent topics, and excessive swearing

• Foreign languages in public chats (use /p or /msg)

These are some guidelines to follow as you play:

• Honor each other and staff

Be kind in all interactions

Don't put yourself above the rules just because you are interacting with staff

We deal with issues on a situation to situation basis. If you think you can do something because you think you have found a "loophole" in the rules, don't do it. If you know it is wrong, don't do it. Just because it is not exactly stated in these rules doesn't mean that it is okay.

Rules Explanations:

Griefing is breaking, stealing from, or otherwise destroying another player's build(s) that you do not own. Theft is stealing items from another player that is not yours. THIS APPLIES TO UNCLAIMED BUILDS, if you did not make it - don't touch it! Additionally, respect other peoples claims. If someone built it, respect it.

Scamming is willingly deceiving a player by sale or otherwise (this includes selling "fake" items on shops, auctionhouse, playershops, etc). The punishment time varies heavily on the severity of the grief/theft/scam.

Reselling map art is included in this rule, you will either be warned or receive a ban depending on the severity/your attitude towards it. If you have an old map you don't want, for example, you may re-sell it as a one time thing. But if you have gone and cleared out a chest shop of art and are re-selling it as your own, that is not allowed. You also may not copy and sell the copies as your own.

Please do not use /vanish to steal from other players at grinders or otherwise.

Please note that if you have a public or unclaimed /pw, staff are not obligated to roll it back; If, for example, someone steals crops from a public farm and does not replant them. You take the liability onto yourself by allowing your /pw , farm, etc. to be public use.

Additionally, any kind of boss spawning near bases/claims that are not your own, or the claiming or building of any building of structures within 200 blocks of a claimed base is not allowed (This offense will only be banned if it is repeatedly done or causes damage to the claim in question).

Minor: 1d Ban | Moderate: 3d Ban | Major: 7d Ban

| Improper usage of claims

Regarding the land claiming plugin, do not claim land within 100 blocks of another claim without explicit permission. Additionally, do not make tiny claims close to that 100 block mark just to annoy the owners. Unclaimed builds auto-expire after 60 days.

Minor: Warning, Claim removed | Moderate: 1d Ban, Claim removed | Major: 7 Day Ban, Claim removed

| Honor each other and staff

In all you do, say, build, and interact with each other and staff, honor each other. This means don't swear at them, don't point out their every flaw, and don't claim another person's build as your own. It means be respectful and kind to them, and don't seek out strife and conflict. Essentially, be nice. We as staff do not have a lot of tolerance for arguments, and while small arguments are okay, large scale arguments, especially with ANY staff member need to be avoided.

Minor: Warning | Moderate: 1d Mute | Major: 7d Mute or 7 Day Ban

| Hacked Clients or Disallowed Modifications

Using a hacked client, and/or disallowed modifications, is NOT allowed. You can view a list of disallowed modifications below. This includes keyweighting (putting an item on your mouse/key or otherwise keeping yourself autojumping or autoclicking while you are afk) and command macros/AutoHotkey. Xraying is strictly against our rules.

1st Offense: 7d Ban | 2nd Offense: 6mo Ban

| Spambotting

Utilizing a bot to spam a message continuously or flooding chat with multiple alts sending the same message. (This is usually a raid and are bots, not real people)

1st Offense: Perma Ban

| Advertising

Sending another server's IP address or encouraging Novuscraft players to play on another server. This includes links to non-Novuscraft websites, servers, etc. Keep all links in-game strictly Novuscraft links (not including screenshot links, which are allowed).

Please do not advertise your personal social media handles, or other people's social media handles. You can give out this information in DMs to people of your choosing, the whole server doesn't need to see. This includes chats, /me's, and item names.

Social Media Advertisement, First Infraction: /warn | Server Advertisement , or Advertising with a link or "script": 6mo Ban

| Duplicating Items and Bug Abuse

Using a glitch, hacked client, or other forms of exploit to dupe items.

If you are aware of a glitch or bug, report it on the discord (Link available on the Home page), or to the Owner (GabbySimon) via dm's.

1st Offense: Administrator Discretion

| Bug Abuse

This includes, but is not limited to: GUI grabbing, duping via a server bug, or otherwise obtaining illegal items, money, or status via a bug or glitch. We try hard to make the game fair for everyone. There is no hidden way to get rich quick or obtain items without paying or trading.

If you are aware of a glitch or bug, report it on the discord server(Link available on the Home page) , or to the Owner (GabbySimon) via dm's.

1st Offense: Administrator Discretion

| Real World Trading

Trading in-game money or items for IRL money or items (including ranks, etc), or vice versa, is not allowed.

This would be specifically planning to trade; not, for example, purchasing treasure chests or crate keys to re-sell ingame (which doesn't qualify under this rule). This rule is in place to prevent scams.

1st Offense: 6mo Ban

| Rule Evasion

Intentionally finding ways around the rules to not get punished. Staff is trying to do what is best for the server, and doing this doesn't help. This, for example, could be building a farm made of thousands of active droppers, and telling the admin who comes to remove it that it is not specifically mentioned in the disallowed farms. Just, don't be a bum. Additionally, talking back to staff is not allowed. If a staff member says something, it goes unless they repeal it. Don't screenshot things staff says and crop it so they are held to it. Don't tell an incomplete story about staff and what they promised. Don't act like you know better than staff, because you don't.

1st Offense: warning | 2nd Offense: Kick or 1 day ban | 3rd Offense: 1 week ban

| Intentionally lagging the server or laggy farms

This rule helps to provide the best, non-laggy environment possible for Novuscrafters. Intentionally lagging the server will get you immediately banned, while disallowed farms (see below) will get the farm removed, and the user who constructed it a warning.

Disallowed farms:
Guardian farms

Farms involving much piston movement

Farms with large amounts of floating items not being contained in hoppers/chests

Any farm that uses a flying machine

Any farm what uses large amounts of slime/honey blocks

1st Offense lagging the server: 1 week ban, 2nd 3 month ban, and 3rd a perma ban. Any laggy farms will be removed without the creators consent.

| Releasing Personal Information

Leaking another player's name, social media, email, address, phone number, or other personal information. Do not even do so with a joking intention. For your own protection, do not leak your own personal identification information - stating your own first name and age is fine, but no addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc. Your own social media, via private messages, is OK. But do not release anyone else's information. The punishment times for this varies highly on the severity of the information released.

Minor (Ex: Name or social media): 12 hour mute - 3 day ban (staff discretion) | Moderate to Severe: 7d ban - 6mo ban (staff discretion)

| Death Threats

Threatening to take a player's life. This also includes a player's family member, pet, friends, etc. lives as well. Encouraging suicide falls under this rule, as well. The punishment time varies heavily on the severity of the threat.

Also, do NOT joke about or talk about suicide.

1st Offense/Minor: 1d Ban | 2nd Offense/Major: 7d Ban | 3rd Offense/Severe: 6mo Ban

| TP Trapping

TPing a user and trapping them isn't allowed. This includes Nether Portal trapping. This will be met with a swift ban, and repeat offenders may be punished further.

1st Offense: 1d Ban | 2nd Offense: 5d Ban | 3rd Offense: 6mo Ban

| TP Killing, Trap Killing

TPing a user and trapping them or killing them isn't allowed. This will be met with a swift ban, and repeat offenders may be punished further. You may not use lava buckets, end crystals, or any other way to bypass our anti-pvp plugin.

1st Offense: 2d Ban | 2nd Offense: 10d Ban | 3rd Offense: 6mo Ban

| 0 Tick Farms, Auto Harvesters, or Flying Machines

0 Tick Farms, as well as similar auto-harvesting contraptions, are strictly not allowed. THIS INCLUDES 0-tick cobblestone generators. You will have the builds removed without a refund when found. Repeat offenders may be removed from the network. This includes flying machines, such as flying machine elevators, flying machines that harvest crops, and those that push you through the world.

1st Offense: Warning, Build Removed | 2nd Offense: Build Removed, Mod+ discretion on further punishment

| Indecent Builds

Creating a build of something generally indecent. This includes, but is not limited to, genitalia, swastikas, concentration camps, etc. The punishment time varies heavily on the severity and detail of the build.

Signs with PG-13 content are only allowed if in a completely private area. No hate speech or slurs are allowed, and no excessive swearing or inappropriate conduct. Any signs in public spaces, with swearing or other additions that break any of our other rules, will be removed and you will be punished.

Minor: 1d Ban | Moderate: 3d Ban | Major: 7d Ban. Repeat offenses are at Mod+ discretion.

| Ban Evasion, Mute Evasion

Logging onto an alternative account to work around an account ban. This rule is enforced strictly to disallow bypassing a ban with an alt account.

Mute evasion via spamming signs or an alt account is not allowed, especially if you are harassing a player. Using a book to communicate with mods is OK.

1st Offense: Warning | 2nd Offense: Alt is banned or muted for the duration of main account's ban, staff discretion on punishment for main account

| Vote Farming

Do not use alternative accounts to vote multiple times. This includes using a VPN to vote on alternative accounts.

1st Offense: Ban of alt | 2nd Offense: 14d ban of main | 3rd Offense: 6mo Ban

| Inappropriate IGNs

Having an in-game username (IGN) that is inappropriate, and breaks one of our other rules. Slurs will result in an immediate permban.

1st Offense: Kicked from server | 2nd Offense:6mo Mute or Ban (depending on severity). Punishment can be appealed when it is changed.

| Inappropriate Nickname

Using /nick to give yourself a name that breaks one of the rules. Impersonating another player (or staff member) with your nickname falls underneath this rule. Slurs will result in a much more severe punishment. Please do not use special characters, such as emojis, in your nickname. Impersonating staff at all is not okay.

1st Offense: Warning | 2nd Offense: 1d Mute | 3rd Offense: 7d Mute

| Inappropriate Skin

Wearing a skin that is inappropriate, and breaks one of our aforementioned rules. This includes nude skins, skins with indecent depictions on them, Hitler skins, etc.

1st Offense: Kick from server | 2nd Offense/Failure to change: a 6mo ban, appealable on our forums when your skin is changed.

| Item Name Guidelines (Special Characters)

Please make sure your item names follow Novuscraft rules. As a general rule of thumb, this is a Minecraft server. We don't have guns. It's probably unnecessary to have an item named after a gun. Make sure that the name is appropriate. If someone complains about an item name, you will be asked to change it. Please don't use special characters, such as emojis, in your item names.

1st Offense: Verbal Warning | 2nd Offense: /warn, and item name changed for you | 3rd Offense: Mod Discretion

| Harassment

Targeted, continual harassment of a player. This can be expedited by attacking players on other networks (Discord, other social media), as well as having a history in the past.

1st Offense/Mild: 1h-24h mute | 2nd Offense/Moderate: 3 Day Mute or Ban | 3rd Offense/Major: 10d+ ban

| Sexual Harassment

Speaking sexually toward another player. This includes, but is not limited to, jokes that make a player uncomfortable, continually discussing sexual behavior/roleplaying, etc. The punishment time varies on the severity of the situation.

1st Offense/Mild: 24h Mute | 2nd Offense/Moderate: 5d Ban | 3rd Offense/Severe: 10d+ ban

| Discrimination/Slurs/Racism

Being discriminatory to another user's race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, disability, or form of beliefs. This rule also covers racial, sexual, ableist, and other forms of slurs. The punishment time varies heavily on the severity of the situation.

1st Offense: Time-Out | 2nd Offense: 24h Mute | 3rd Offense: 5d Ban

| Arguing

While players will always have disagreements, we want to minimize the arguments that get out of hand. Debates and discussions are okay, but once they begin approaching disrespect and harassment, you will be asked one time to stop. If you do not, all participating members of the argument will be punished.

1st Offense: Time-Out | 2nd Offense: 6h Mute | 3rd Offense: 1d-3d Ban

| Encouraging Rule Breaking

Encouraging another member of the server to break one of our rules.

1st Offense: Kick or Time-Out | 2nd Offense: 6h Mute | 3rd Offense: 1d Ban

| Excessive Disrespect/Extreme Toxicity

While competition is normal, being excessively toxic and/or disrespectful is not. This includes, but is not limited to, disrespecting a player by putting them down, denoting their worth, and acting like you are above someone else. Harassment can go hand-in-hand with toxicity. This rule is left up to staff discretion.

1st Offense: 1h -1d Mute | 2nd Offense: 3d Mute/Ban | 3rd Offense: 10d Ban

| Command Spamming, Plugin Abuse

Command Spamming is defined as using commands to spam users such as /msg or /tpa.

Plugin Abuse is defined as using one of our plugins to break another rule (such as putting inappropriate items on /ah, or using /me to bypass /ignore, or spaFmming /pws for an inaccurate visit count). Please do not use /disguise in PVP.

Inappropriately named PVP items fall under Plugin abuse, and if you do not rename your weapon when warned, it will be confiscated.

1st Offense: Warning or Time-Out | 2nd Offense: 1d Ban | 3rd Offense: 3d Ban

| AFK Machines

AFK Machines are defined as mechanisms that bypass our Anti-AFK measures, including putting an object on your keyboard while you are not actively watching the screen. The first offense is skipped if AFK machines are used.

AFK FISHING MACHINES are not allowed.

1st Offense: Warning (if machine is not in use) | 2nd Offense: 1d Ban | 3rd Offense: 5d Ban

| Excessive Spamming, Begging, Roleplaying

Consecutive use of characters ("AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA") or symbols ("$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"), as well as flooding chat with multiple lines of text. Logically, this also applies to an OVER-USE OF CAPSLOCK, as well as s p a c i n g m a n y l e t t e r s o u t. Additionally, begging is included in this rule, as begging fills the chat with lines that nobody will fulfill. Roleplay spam also falls underneath this rule.

1st Offense: Warning | 2nd Offense: Time-Out | 3rd Offense: 12h Mute

| Excessive Swearing, Filter Bypassing, or Indecent Topics

Swearing excessively, even though the filter blocks swearing, is not allowed. Actively attempting to bypass this chat filter is also not allowed. Lastly, discussing an indecent topic (i.e; religion, politics, etc.) is not allowed. Please keep these topics in private chats, or off Novuscraft.

Please also do not bypass your mute by spamming books, spamming TP requests, etc.

1st Offense: Warning or Kick | 2nd Offense: Time-Out | 3rd Offense: 12h Mute

| Foreign Languages In Public Chat

Foreign languages are okay when used out of the main public chat. However, as most staff (and players) are English speakers, please keep non-English out of the main chat. The staff is expected to moderate the English language, and other languages are difficult to moderate.

1st Offense: Warning, directed to /party chat | 2nd Offense: Time-Out| 3rd Offense: 6h Mute


A modification that changes the way the game works, such as adding better quality options, shaders, etc.

Allowed: Forge, Fabric, Optifine, Schematica (printer is not allowed), Gamma Change, Shaders, and Mouse Wheelie.

Disallowed: Auto Clickers, Auto Fishers, Hacked Clients, Printer/Baritone, Macros (single-command chat macros are allowed, such as a greeting or /pws advertisement).

You may also not use keyweighting (putting a physical item on your mouse/key). This includes, but not limited to, these methods: placing an item on your key or mouse, disconnecting your mouse to keep it clicking, enabling a macro or modification, etc.


Modifications that can display information that you may or may not have known otherwise.

Allowed: Direction HUDs, and Minimaps.

Disallowed: X-Ray Resource Packs, Block ESP, Minimaps with Entity Tracking/Cave Maps

Interpretation of these rules is up to the Novuscraft Moderation Team. The Novuscraft Team considers our server (Novuscraft) a privilege.